RicercAzione Volume 8 - Numero 2

RicercAzione Volume 8 - Numero 2

ISBN/ISSN: 2036-5330
dicembre 2016

Categoria: RicercAzione

Area tematica: Altro

Parole chiave:

Like the previous one, the second issue of Ricercazione for 2016 is also dedicated to the integration of school, training and the world of work. In the editorial of the previous issue (Pisanu, 2016) I described the main dimensions, among many others, involved in this process of integration, which in recent years in Italy are increasingly overlapping with the school-work alternance process. These dimensions are: pedagogical-educational, psycho-social, organizational and regulatory-procedural. In the previous editorial, I discussed the psycho-social dimension when introducing the papers in the issue. In this editorial, I will focus on the organizational dimension to outline the connections with two other themes that I believe are important for the success of the integration process: learning transfer and innovation.

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