Peer reviewed Class A Journal – National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institute

ISSN – 2036-5330

Registered at Court of Trento – N. 6, April 28,  2015

Aims and scope

The Journal  accepts papers in the three following domains: research in education, evaluation studies and social research on youth policies. The Journal will be publishing three types of articles.

      • Empirical studies: research based on quantitative and qualitative data 
      • Theoretical works: literature reviews or studies pertaining to conceptual models and original interpretative hypothesis
      • Results from “good practices” of methodological solutions and operational experiences implemented in intervention projects and studies


Target readers

The principal readers of the empirical and theoretical studies will be researchers, policy and decision makers, principals, consultants in the educational, assessment and social field. Readers of result from good practice will be teachers, school principals, researchers, social operators, consultants.

Manuscript submission

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically at Submit a Manuscript