Peer reviewed Class A Journal – National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institute

ISSN – 2036-5330

Registered at Court of Trento – N. 6, April 28,  2015


RicercAzione has been accredited by National Agency of Evaluation of the University System and Research as a scientific Journal of Class A. This category is the highest ranking attributed to Italian journals. The accreditation is recognised in two scientific-disciplinary categories

      • Sector D1 –  Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy
      • Sector D2  – Teaching methods, Special Education, Educational Research


It is a right and proper accreditation. In 2012 RicercAzione was added to the list of Journals of professional interest.  In 2013 an opportunity presented itself: submit an application for ree-valuation seeking accreditation in Class A. The prerequisites for the evaluation process were: submission of a detailed dossier and filling in of a questionnaire on line. The application was successful.

Thanks go to Dr. Maurizio Gentile, past Editor of the journal and all those who from 2009 have contributed to the creation and realization of issue after issue, and those who have believed and continue to believe in the validity of the project, and finally, to the past Editor.

We believe we have a responsibility to maintain a certain standard. We have a wonderful opportunity to further increase the scientific reputation of the institute, in addition to attracting both Italian and foreign work.

Application for ree-valuation